Integrative Medicine

Photo by AlenaPaulus/iStock / Getty Images
“Highly recommend Dr. Stracks. He is very knowledgeable, but also has a gentle and caring bedside manner. He really took the time to listen, which is a rare quality in a physician.”

For most of human history, physicians have treated patients as whole human beings. Only in the past 50 or so years has medicine been reduced to the prescribing of pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Stracks, who started his career as a social worker, starts with the premise that caring for patients involves so much more than prescriptions. It means listening to people; spending time with them; paying attention to all aspects of people’s lives, including their thoughts, emotions, and spiritual practices; and thinking across bodily systems to make sure that all relevant connections and interactions are being taken into account.

In your initial 60-minute consultation with Dr. Stracks, he will listen to your complete medical history; find out what medications, herbs, supplements, and vitamins you’re taking; and learn about who you are as a person rather than who you are as a patient.

After a thorough physical exam, Dr. Stracks will start working on a complete Integrative Medicine plan that might include changes in diet; advanced blood, saliva, or stool testing; use of vitamins and supplements; stress reduction strategies; recommendations about amount and types of exercise; thoughts about psychology and how that contributes to chronic health issues; attention to hormones of all types; and, only if absolutely needed, the safe and effective use of small amounts of medication.

“I have seen Dr. Stracks a couple of times for help with a few things that have bothered me for years, mainly digestive issues (IBS). I’ve tried many things over time but previously nothing has seemed to help. Dr. Stracks spent a lot of time listening to me and figured out a plan that would fit me as an individual. In the time I have implemented the changes he suggested I feel so much better.

Dr. Stracks won’t rest until you feel health in all aspects of your life—mind, body, heart, and soul. To him, that’s what Integrative Medicine is all about. Click on the link below to set up your initial consultation.