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Introductory Lecture and Webinars with Dr. Stracks

Click the links below to listen to Dr. Stracks's introductory TMS lecture and webinars with other TMS practitioners. Please check back regularly as we add content. 

Dr. Stracks's introductory TMS lecture:

Dr. Stracks’s Facebook Live with Curable from November 19, 2018

Webinar featuring Dr. David Hanscom:

Webinar featuring Nicole Sachs:


Curable health

An app with free and paid resources designed specifically for those healing from TMS. 

Curable Health also interviews various TMS practitioners and patients about their stories and perspectives on TMS. Dr. Stracks is featured on both podcast #6 (“From Medical Mystery to MD: How Dr. John Stracks Was Saved by Sarno”) and podcast #28 (“Recovery Is Not a Straight Line”).


Dr. Stracks in the News

Follow this link to listen to Dr. Stracks and Michael Galinsky, director of All the Rage, a movie about Dr. Sarno, discuss TMS with WGN's Bill and Wendy.