Success Stories

“I want to thank you for the exceptional care you’ve provided me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it and what it’s meant for my quality of life.”

“Today is National Doctors Day. I am writing to let you know how grateful I am to have found you and to have you as my physician. I know how lucky I am to be your patient. I thought this would be a good day just to let you know that you are appreciated!!”

“I am writing for two reasons. First, I wanted to let you know that my digestive system is in really great shape for the first time in the past 6 years! I'm really glad you were able to do the right testing and order the treatment that finally helped me. Thanks so much!”

“Perhaps its coincindence, but I've already had several people comment on my energy level since I've started taking the iodine. If you take their word for it, I've got more pep than I've had in the last year or so...whatever the cause, I'm feeling well and I have you to thank!”

“I want to tell you that my migraines seem to have taken a long hike!  I changed my prescription as suggested, and I am now two months headache-free. I am fairly sure the problem is solved, and I want to thank you guys VERY much!  I surely appreciate the advice!”


“I have been participating in a very physical activity for over a month now and have absolutely no back pain. I had always wanted to learn how to box but kept putting it off because of my back pain but was "pushed" into signing up by Dr. Petersen late in October. My back hasn't felt this good in years since I started training and the type of workout I am doing with the instructor is full contact, nothing is cut out or altered because of my back and leg pain. Another reinforcement of your TMS treatment methods.”

“I started feeling better immediately upon taking the iron supplement and about 24 hours after the Armour I feel almost completely normal. I have not had one headache or episode of nausea. I am not overly tired anymore, my energy level is back up and do not need daily naps any longer. I am still waking up almost every night at about 2am, but in general I am sleeping better and longer. Thank you so much for all your help so far. I feel great!”

“Dr. Stracks - I've been meaning to drop you a note on what a difference your program, and a year make. About a year ago, I was taking hydrocodone every day and really was unable to do any physical activity for the better part of the prior two years. I had spinal injections, scans, etc. I am pleased to tell you that on Halloween, I ran a half marathon for the first time in my life. This would not have been possible without going to your classes, so I am very grateful to you and to Dr. Sarno.”

“As I've reflected and written, I've noticed that the leg pain prevents me from bending down easily to put the tee in the ground, which is just what an old man would have trouble doing.  And since I turned 60, I have really embraced being old (i.e., not being afraid of saying, I'm 60 and I'm old) and I think I may have overdone it! I've decided I'm not old!  I'm not infirm and ready for the rocking chair.  And I feel better! So, thanks for your astute diagnoses.  I've learned something important!”


“Thank you for all of your help on this journey. To say that I am amazed that you saw something in 45 minutes together that was not even considered by multiple physicians over several years would be an understatement at best.”

“Overall I am so much better than I was, but the hard part is that it's not a miracle at all, it's more like there are two ways you can go down a road, forward or back, and becoming conscious of your position doesn't put you miles ahead, it just gives you the chance to start going the right way.”

“I have been seeing Dr. Stracks for about 6 months, and he has changed my life significantly.  I saw over 6 doctors prior to seeing him, and in one visit he identified the problem and set me on the path to recovery.  I truly see him as someone who saved my life as I know it.”


“Thank you so much for everything! Before I came to you I had pretty much lost hope, but you gave that back to me. And even with my setbacks, I am obviously feeling much better than I did before... all thanks to you.”


“I can't tell you how my life has changed since you made a thyroid adjustment. I feel like I knocked off 10 years on my life.”

“I still get days with mild pain in the knee and side of the chest or twinges of larger pain in the neck and low back, but self-talk seems to work on the sharp pains and the mild pains are slowly diminishing. I even went bike shopping yesterday. I was worried I would never ride again and now I am confident enough to consider buying a new bike. Thanks so much for teaching this approach. I am very grateful to be able to return to many activities." 

“I met with you for the first time last week, and I'm in disbelief with how impactful and results oriented my consult was with you. I have to say, I was a bit skeptical. I really didn't think that you would be able to give me a treatment plan that actually worked, considering I've been struggling with insomnia and anxiety for so long. Since our appointment, I've had an acupuncture session, ordered all the supplements you suggested, and I'm reading 10 Percent Happier. I've had two full nights of sleep in a row, which hasn't happened in months!”

“Your informed and wholistic approach has been a huge help through all of this and I hope you realize the positive impact you bring to your patient's lives.”