Primary Care

“Thank you for all of your help on this journey. To say that I am amazed that you saw something in 45 minutes together that was not even considered by multiple physicians over several years would be an understatement at best.”

Imagine a scenario where you get a physician’s undivided attention for 60 minutes. Imagine calling your physician’s office and talking with a person, not a machine. Imagine a physician who has your best interests at heart. Dr. Stracks has set up his practice to make this a reality for you.

In creating John Stracks, MD, LLC, Dr. Stracks has worked to provide primary care options that work.

An initial intake appointment is 60 minutes in length so that Dr. Stracks will get a sense of your whole health history. Standard follow-up appointments are usually 30 minutes; shorter (for acute visits) or longer (for complex conditions) visits are available as well.

At each appointment, Dr. Stracks will work to help you advance your health, using any or all of the following: lifestyle changes; the use of herbs, vitamins, or supplements; changes to your medications; or attention to stressful life situations. You’ll get his undivided attention each time you come in to see him.

He firmly believes that health is more than just the absence of disease. He also understands that true health involves being healthy in mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Dr. Stracks’s goal is to help you be healthy in all those areas.

Though he does prescribe medication, he does so only as a last resort, not as a first response to a health challenge. He will frequently talk about changing diet, using supplements, weaning medication, education, the use of hormones, and the role of stress before even getting to any type of prescription.

Dr. Stracks takes health care as seriously as you do. If you’re looking for a partner for your health care journey, contact Dr. Stracks for more information and to set up your initial appointment.