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Thyroid Disease Management 

Are you taking thyroid medication but still not feeling well? Are you on thyroid medication but want to get off? Or do you wonder if you should be taking thyroid medication even though your labs seem normal? Dr. Stracks is a leading expert in thyroid disease management and can help you sort out the answer to these questions and more. Click below to learn more about how Dr. Stracks can help you sort out answers to your thyroid disease questions.

Tension Myositis Syndrome Relief

Though some people read Dr. John Sarno’s books and get better right away, many people find that they learn about TMS and get only slightly better, or not better at all. Dr. Stracks has extensive experience with TMS, having treated it for over a decade, having spoken nationally about it, and having organized the only national conference held on TMS. Whether you’re seeking confirmation of the diagnosis, information about Dr. Stracks’s classes and seminars, or more information about how to move your treatment forward, click below to learn more about Dr. Stracks’s TMS program.

Primary Care

Until recently, medical care has been based on the doctor/patient relationship. Within the past 25 years, the time set aside for the interaction between the physician and the client has been shrinking: the average primary care visit is now only 8 minutes long. While this may work fine for testing for strep throat or even pneumonia, 8 minutes is not nearly long enough to make any meaningful progress on any chronic or complicated condition. Click below to see how Dr. Stracks is changing the physician/patient interaction.

Integrative Medicine

There's more to medicine than taking pills. Dr. Stracks has spent his entire career learning how to help people heal without taking medication. He has found that dietary changes, stress reduction, vitamins, supplements, judicial use of hormones, and the right medical testing can make a huge difference in people's health. If you're not feeling well and you do not know what to do or where to turn next, click below to find out more about how integrative medicine can put you on the road to feeling well again.