Mindbody Patient Panel Discussion

Mindbody Patient Panel Discussion


Whether you've already taken Dr. John Stracks' Mindbody Syndrome (MBS) class for chronic pain or are interested in learning more about MBS, join Dr. Stracks and a panel of patients who have healed their chronic pain for a 2-hour session on using mind-body techniques to overcome chronic pain symptoms.

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During the two hours you will hear reports from patients who have been using mindbody techniques to successfully manage their pain/symptoms, be given an opportunity to discuss your own successful mindbody techniques, and discover ways to help bypass common difficulties and roadblocks. Those new to MBS methods of healing chronic pain will also have the opportunity to learn more about Dr. Stracks' 6-week MBS class and other treatment opportunities.


Wednesday September 27, 2017
6-8 pm

Ampersand Co-Working Space
3317 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60647