Mind-Body Medicine Discussion Group

Mind-Body Medicine Discussion Group


This 5-week online discussion group facilitated by Dr. John Stracks is designed to help you connect with Dr. Stracks and with others as you move to eliminate long-standing pain symptoms by understanding the psychological context in which they occur. 

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The Mind-Body Medicine Discussion Group offers you a place to connect as you learn to recognize the thoughts and feelings that contribute to symptoms and the knowledge of how that recognition can lead to long-lasting physical relief. This weekly discussion group of no more than six participants allows for individual attention to you and what you’re working on as you move toward healing. This format allows you to check in with Dr. Stracks each week to get individual commentary and suggestions about what you’re working on. In addition, you’ll hear how three to five other participants are doing and what they’re working on.

The Mind-Body Medicine Discussion Group can be paired with the concurrent Mind-Body Medicine Class or taken separately. There is a $100 discount to register for both the class and discussion group concurrently. An individual consultation with Dr. Stracks is recommended before joining the group, and listening to the Mind-Body Medicine Lecture before the class begins is encouraged for best results. (Note that the April discussion group will meet for 4 weeks instead of 5; the cost is $400.) Please contact Lisa at lisa@drstracks.com to register.


Meeting online (4 weeks)

Thursday, April 4, through Thursday, April 25
4:30-6:00 PM

Meeting online (5 weeks)

Thursday, May 2, through Thursday, May 30
4:30-6:00 PM